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    Code   Length  Weight     Colour     Swim Depth     Bass and predatory fish love ambushing prey on the surface. For
                                                        best results cast the Dunk popper out and wait for the ripples to
    400543  6.5cm   9.3g     Olive Flash   Popper       disappear before  moving  it. Use  the  rod  �p to  impart ac�on  by
    400544  6.5cm   9.3g     Pre�y Shad    Popper       jerking the rod to get the lure popping. Pause between pops.
    400545  6.5cm   9.3g     Silver Flash  Popper
    400546  6.5cm   9.3g     Fire Tiger    Popper

         400543                    400544                        400545                   400546


    Code   Length  Weight     Colour     Swim Depth     The  Popper  Prop  combines  the  best  of  both  worlds  offering  a
    400547  5.5cm    7g      Vlei Kurper   Popper       popper  with  a  tail  spinner for  more  a�rac�on.  The  tails  spinner
                                                        agitates the water simula�ng a creature struggling to escape. Pop-it
    400548  5.5cm    7g      Baby Bass     Popper       gently or vigorously with long pulls in between.
    400549  5.5cm    7g      Fire Tiger    Popper                                                                 SMASH SERIES HARD LURES

                400547                               400548                                  400549

    Code   Length  Weight     Colour     Swim Depth     Most predatory fish just love to eat crickets. The Cull-em Cricket is
    400536  4cm     3.5g    Natural Black   2 Feet      designed to swim just below the surface with a wide wobble. Fish
                                                        the cricket on a slow, steady retrieve taking care not to wind to
    400537  4cm     3.5g    Natural Brown   2 Feet      quickly
    400538  4cm     3.5g     Fire Tiger     2 Feet

                  400536                               400537                                  400538


    Code   Length  Weight     Colour     Swim Depth     Mini  Jerks  have  an  en�cing  ac�on.  For  best  results  they  can  be
    400539  6.5cm   4.2g     Olive Shad     2 Feet      fished with an erra�c retrieve by jerking the rod �p vigorously with
                                                        pauses in between. In summer, try twitching the Mini Jerk gently on
    400540  6.5cm   4.2g    Glass Minnow    2 Feet      the surface at sunrise and sunset.
    400541  6.5cm   4.2g     Silver Flash   2 Feet
    400542  6.5cm   4.2g     Fire Tiger     2 Feet

              400539                     400540                     400541                      400542


    Code   Length  Weight     Colour     Swim Depth     The  Edge  shallow  running  crankbait  is  a  small  profile,  shallow
                                                        running  crankbait.  Ideal  for  probing  pockets  in  heavy  �mber  or
    400550  4.5cm    5g     Golden Shad    Floa�ng
                                                        against  shoreline  structure.  The  Edge  crank  has  a  subtle  ra�le
    400551  4.5cm    5g      Silver Shad   Floa�ng      chamber to emit low frequency vibra�ons for bass to zero in on
    400552  4.5cm    5g     Golden Carp    Floa�ng
    400553  4.5cm    5g      Fire Tiger    Floa�ng

              400550                     400551                     400552                      400553
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